Process and product evaluation

Clarity will help you to assess the full life cycle environmental impacts of your product or processes whatever commercial sector you work within. Clarity will give you practical and pragmatic advice that you can act on to:

  • Identify your hot-spots and provide potent opportunities for innovation – LCA frequently gives unexpected results – the issues that companies expect to be problematic and intractable or expensive to resolve often turn out not to be so significant. Other things (that are often easy and inexpensive to change) often turn out to have much more environmental benefit. In contrast to popular perception, a life cycle approach usually identifies innovations that both reduce environmental impact and reduce costs or improve efficiency, productivity and profitability – sweet spot decision-making provides commercial and environmental benefits simultaneously.
  • Prove your environmental claims and provide a basis for ecolabel applications or Environmental Product Declarations. Clarity staff have pioneered work to build consensus across industry sectors on a consistent and robust methodology that can be universally applied with confidence (BL LCI). Clarity staff are intimately involved in initiatives within National Standards and the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society to improve the consistency and robustness of ecolabelling and EPD schemes in Australia and to make them cheaper and more accessible to industry.
  • Provide you with practical, intuitive tools that allow you to exploit the LCA information provided and innovate without having to purchase and train in expensive LCA software or return to Clarity every time you make a change to your processes/products.